Rucha At a Glance

1987 Established

Rucha Group started its journey in the year 1987 in its first incarnation as Shree Engineers, with the aim to provide complete services to the then-budding Indian automobile sector.

Corporate Headquarters

Rucha Engineers Pvt. Ltd. enjoys a unique position among RUCHA Group of companies in Aurangabad. Centre for sales & technical services and business development .

300+ Employee

Our people are our strength, who over the years have helped us to develop new competencies and evolve into a conglomerate group that we are today.

Environment Security & Safety

We contribute to a safer and cleaner environment by producing efflux reducing automobile components and using green & sustainable production technologies.

R & D

Our aim is to support the Indian technological advancement by supporting and grooming the young Indian talent to produce environmentally safe automotive technologies.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in the philosophy of continuous improvement and hence we have implemented a TPM policy to support our belief not just in the philosophy but also in our systems.