Testing & Inspection Facilities

Strength Testing

With abilities such as endurance testing, hardness testing, impact testing and weld penetration testing we make sure, that our products will be able to handle the challenging conditions that our customers’ products work and operate.


Apart from the core testing technologies we also have a competence in metrology to ensure that all our products are designed and produced to the best of expectations. Metrology equipment such as coordinate measuring machine (CMM), flow index measurement , callipers, height gauges, micrometres, thickness gauges and precision levels make us capable to subject our products to multiple applicable testing environments before dispatch.

Process Tests

Our surface coated products undergo various process tests before they are approved for sale to our partners. We perform salt spray tests, subject parts to humidity chamber, degreasing analysis, flexibility test, PH & conductivity and DFT test among others before they are dispatched for final application in original equipment.