Design Capabiliies

In-house Design Software

We license a healthy range of mechanical design software, which enable our team to deliver value, which is at par with any of our competitors in the market. The core of our owned software licenses in this category range from AutoCAD, CATIA, CAD, CAM, Forming suite to name a few among many others.

Networked Design Software

We have also deployed network based design solutions as well which helps us collaborate with multiple teams located over multiple locations across the geography of our country thus allowing us to leverage multiple resources and multiple ideas at the same time to achieve concurrent goals and objectives.

Tool Making Capabiliies

In-House Tool Making Capabilities

REPL – IV, which is also a DSIR approved R&D centre of the group houses an In-House tool room, which, develops and deploys tools as per the specific requirements of the organization and its collaborators. Loaded with latest tool making machines the centre is capable of CAD designing and converting those designs into working products. The centre houses VMCs, Horizontal Milling centres, Lathe Machines, Drilling Machines, Surface Grinder, CMMs and other different latest mechanical technology to turn prototypes into actual products.

Our Design & Prototype Capabiliies

Capability Facilities No
Design Software (In-House)
AutoCAD 6
Forming Suite 1
Networked Resources
NX Advanced Designer Bundle 1
NX Mold Wizard 1
NX Progressive Die Wizard 1
AutoCAD Mechanical 1
Pro E Foundation 1
SolidWorks Premium 1
Solid Edge Premium 3
CAE-Altair 11 100
Fast Blank 9.1 1
Factory CAD 1
Factory Mock Up 1
Factory Analysis 1
Plant Simulation 1
Robo CAD 1
Robo Spot 1
Robo Arc 1
Tool Making (In-House)
Heartford VMC 1
Vertical Milling 1
Horizontal Milling 1
Lathe Machine 2
Radial Drilling Machine 3
Surface Grinders 2
Disc Type Grinder 1
Pencil Grinder 1
Bench Grinder 1
CMM Machine 1