Flag Monument at Krati chowk

Tourists visiting Aurangabad now have one more spot to see the  210 feet-high flag post near monument Kala Chabutra situated at historic Kranthi chowk.

The flag post is built on a land spread over 28,000 square feet. A memorial in remembrance of Indian soldiers, who rebelled against the East India Company during 1857 uprising, is also constructed at Kala Chabutara.

To build the structure, the contribution was collected through public participation by a special committee headed by Divisional Commissioner.

Rucha Group is proud to be a part of this drive.

Donation of educational infrastructure to educational institute

REPL to help budding students get a better understanding of the rapidly changing technology scenario has donated K-YAN to Arya Chanakya Vidyadham, Aurangabad. K-YAN is for a digital Classroom which is an ingenious combination of interactive device, multi-media content for classes K-12, innovative experiments, training of teachers on technology and other value-added services. This initiative of REPL will expose students to devices and systems that are unaffordable by their modest backgrounds.

Swatchh Waluj Abhiyaan

With the commencement of Clean India Initiative (Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan) REPL also pledged its commitment to the ambitious cleanliness project of the central government of India. To strengthen its resolve of cleanliness and to see a clean and green MIDC, REPL participated in the Swatchh Waluj Abhiyaan to contributes its man power towards noble and ambitious cause.  

Education-ITI Adoption

REPL has adopted the Georai Government ITI College to help the students of the institute get the industrial practice that is limited by the walls of the classroom. To ensure this REPL provides training to the students at the expense of the organization so that they can easily transition into a life of livelihood earning.

Rain-water Harvesting

REPL along with 57 other BAVA members has pledged to MIDC to ensure water recharging activities in the Aurangabad MIDC. To ensure its commitment REPL has created Total 5 Water Recharge Pits in the Waluj MIDC area which has the capacity to recharge 10 lac litres if water every year.  Together the BAVA cluster has pledged to recharge the underground water table by 1140 cr. litres. annually.