Position Title : Engineer

Department : Sourcing

Location : B-3, TML Vendor Park, Sanand, Ahemadabad, Gujarat


Employment type:

Academic Requirements:

A completed academic DME / BE - Mech, Automobile, production

Work Experience:

2 - 4 Yrs

Required Skills:


  1. Minimum of 1-2 years experience in Sourcing Engineer role.
  2. Good knowledge of Sourcing processes.  
  3. Extensive knowledge of mechanics of materials and material properties


  1. Purchase planning.
  2. Preparation of purchase order.
  3. Preparation of purchase plan.
  4. Follow-up of PO and completion of quantities.
  5. Procurement of raw material.
  6. Responsible for entire sourcing function of the Plant
  7. Ensure regular & non-stop supply of the Material for projects.
  8. Inventory Management.
  9. Negotiating with the parties for the quality & the competitive prices.
  10. Supplier’s relationship management. 
  11. Establish & maintain excellent systems for the records of the sourcing.
  12. Responsible for the sourcing & Vendor Development activities